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Other Family Law Matters

Family law encompasses many aspects other than those issues contained within divorce and paternity proceedings. Some family law cases regard domestic violence based on the heightened emotional state of the parties. If you are a victim of domestic violence, repeat violence, or believe you are about to become an immediate victim first call 911 and/or your local police. An Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence or repeat violence is an order from the Court enjoining a party from certain contact or action with another party. These injunctions are initiated by one party filing a Petition against the other party. The Court may grant a temporary injunction making certain restrictions against the other party until such time that a hearing may be conducted by the Court at which time the injunction may be dismissed, extended, or entered as permanent injunction. These injunctions may also provide certain relief regarding counseling, drug screens, anger management or batterer's intervention courses, use of a residence, child and time-sharing, as well as support.

Other family law matters include legal change of name, grandparent/third party contact and custody, adoptions and juvenile dependency.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan A. Zahler, P.A. we specialize in family law mediations and are committed to providing excellent representation to our clientele, whether or not they are represented by an attorney.

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